Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The weather, blah blah blah, the weather....

Weather in the Atlanta area is always a conversation starter.  I mean, isn't it everywhere?  But here, it's one of those places where you can say "just wait 15 minutes and it'll change".  Well, maybe not 15 minutes, but a couple of days, for sure.  Last week it was gloomy, rainy, cold.  Today it's in the 60's and I had a glorious morning playing tennis.  All this is leading up to blogging about my jacket.  It's not particularly new, but I never blogged about it before and my current garment is taking up loads of my time, so I wanted to assure myself that I have, indeed, finished something, even if it's in the remote past (well, a couple of months remote, anyway).  So here's the jacket:

which I was wearing over a sweater and indoors yesterday, while today I was in my shirtsleeves.  I'm kind of proud of the jacket because a) I like the fabric, which hearkens back to my New Mexico roots; and b) I drafted it myself.  And, I forgot, c) it's the perfect weight to wear over a sweater indoors.  

I also like how I finished the sleeves, very typical of how I often sew:  I didn't finish them at all.  So there.


Jane M said...

Love the jacket. Reminds me of the jackets from the Dutch company. http://wintervacht.nl/ My college roommate will be leaving Atlanta and moving to the Philadelphia area this spring. Winter will be a whole new experience in the future

Frenie Agbayani said...

It looks lovely. Your idea has made me rethink this sewing patterns again for my own sewing project, thanks