Sunday, January 7, 2007

Down for the count

A week after New Year's and I am still down for the count with this headcold. No sewing, no nothing. Just sitting in bed reading or at the computer reading sewing blogs. The good thing is I have been re-reading from my library, which needs to be thinned out. If a book does not appeal to me in my present nasty mood - off it goes to the donate bin! Meanwhile I have not even been down to the sewing room and DS bedjacket needs attention. I really don't like the way it's turning out and I will trash that pattern, but the fabric deserves to be finished. It's mostly my design now after having to tweak, tweak, tweak the pattern. And the first nightgown is cut out. I may not have time to finish two before I leave for Texas. My EOS fabric is still sitting there begging to be made into a cardigan but I can't find just the right pattern for it: maybe this Hot Patterns. I have read 18 pages of comments on the Stitcher's Guild webpage about Hot Patterns, but this looks a little fussy to me for such strong fabric....

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