Friday, January 12, 2007

Horns of a Dilemma

Just today (12 days and counting) I am feeling fairly decent, and that is after a nap. Lots of friends are sick also with this mystery cold thing. However, I am forced by time pressures to get out of the house and go to work, I leave one week from today for Texas and my sister. I will be there for two weeks and come home just two days before the closing of my rental house. Then I have only 45 days to choose the next house or Mr. IRS will be on me! Needless to say this is a big financial investment and a dilemma. My son wants me to invest where he lives; this would require several trips up there and much less of a property. My husband is not too keen on my being away so much, plus I can buy a lot more house for my money if I stay here in town. So out looking today and yesterday, and working with the amortization schedules, and trying to figure out Ikea's software for kitchen redos, and figuring out how much 900 sq. ft. of hardwood flooring is going to cost, etc., etc. I love doing this stuff but there is always the fear that by the time I purchase the house and invest in the redo I will not make any kind of profit. This is if I have to pay a contractor to do all the work. So I have to make smart choices and I have found in my life (to my dismay) that under pressure to make a smart choice I am often a deer in the headlights!

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