Monday, December 17, 2007

More Parties!


This is today's annual Christmas gift exchange; sometimes called "Dirty Santa" because you can grab a gift from someone else. It's a lot of fun. I brought a purchased sweatshirt that I embellished with a Christmas wreath. The girl who opened it hid it under the table. I'm not sure whether or not she did that so no one else would take it; or if she just was absentminded. However, no one else took it away from her.

On another note: just like my life. We had wonderful news today; Harold was found to be in total remission. However, despite that happy news we fought all day long. I was so happy at the doctor's office that I apparently was babbling. Harold told me that he hadn't wanted me to come and I was to keep my mouth shut. Then, as usual lately, he ate nothing and drank all day. Sunshine and shadow. To top it all off, my darling grandson is in the hospital with strep. I can only hope it is a mild case: he had a fever of 104.
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