Monday, April 14, 2008

Falling Off The Wagon

Oh, yes, I have fallen off the Fabric Purchase Wagon. It's not as if I have enough fabric to sew for years. But cotton knit prints are hard to come by, and I was sent to this site by some very nice ladies at Artisan's Square. I did get some rayon at JoAnn's and was pleasantly surprised at how nicely this washes. I've never sewn on rayon, so I'm looking forward to a blouse in it. And I got 2 pieces of linen and/or linen blend. Spent tonight ironing it in preparation for cutting out/sewing. I already know that if I have to spend a lot of time ironing these garments I'm not going to wear them much! So knit prints it is, for tees at least. Summer's not far away!

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