Friday, April 11, 2008

Sweat Equity

That's certainly what I was putting in today. It's still April but the temperature hit 80 degrees today and I was sweating in the flip house. The appraisal came out OK as I suspected, but the list of repairs seemed endless. Some seemed stupid. The inspector has required stringers on the bottom of the stairs to the deck. The steps are only 3 feet wide and very sturdy, but my contractor Mike had to rip the entire stairs out to rebuild them with a stringer. The inspector also wants a stringer on the basement stairs, and I am NOT going to rip those out. So Mike put a big 2 X 12under them as a brace. As we all said, this house is 40 years old and nothing has ever been wrong with the stairs! As an example of how picky this inspector is: he has required additional support wires on the electrical from the street where it meets the outside of the house. Harold pointed out that this is the domain of the power company. They have now come by twice and politely pointed out that the attachment is exactly as it should be and perfectly to code. The other agent, who happens to be having a very good time in New York City, blithley informed me that the buyers want to have the inspector come by to check all the repairs and she is certain that they are now complete and I have all the invoices. Well, she's wrong. The contract calls for all to be done by the 21st and I am not allowing the reinspection before then. I can't get some of the electrical done until Harold Jr. has the time. And I'll have to use my lovely Microsoft Publisher to generate some of the invoices, since all the electrical has been done either by my husband or his son (both electricians, but family members!) Come to think of it, I'll have to check the contract. I don't know for sure if I have to produce invoices...or if I do, when I have to produce them. I may just bring them to closing.

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