Thursday, May 22, 2008

June Sewing Capsule

This is the original storyboard for the June contest over at Stitcher's Guild. We can premake one garment and I was sure I had enough time but it looks like a no-go unless I hurry up; I leave next Thursday for DGD's fifth birthday party! I have made a start on the berry colored linen blend pants, so hopefully I can get them done. I am not sanguine about finishing the contest at all since the two cottons are going to be made with Vogue 8151, my favorite tee pattern. However, the pattern is drafted for a stretch fabric and these are not stretch at all. I'll have to see what I can do about that, which means a muslin. I do have some fabric coming from Georgious Fabrics that is a stretch knit and looks (on the screen) like it will match or blend with the berry pants.

I haven't been sewing, or swimming, or any of the things I normally would do because I've had to take DH to the doctor's for two days in a row. He let himself get severely dehydrated again and had 4 liters of saline interveniously. So that was two days gone. I am NOT a good nurse. I made the point (rather rudely) that if he had a Ferrari he would not let it run out of gas or neglect to change the oil, and not eating or drinking is doing the same thing to his body. So we are in a disagreement again. But the good thing is I was able to get some shopping done while he was in the clinic and I found a bathing suit. It's not gorgeous, but it does have a racer back which I need in the pool for my narrow shoulders.

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