Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Color Blocking is all the rage...

But I don't like it. As I get older, I am turning more and more to classic designs. My body wouldn't look good in a color blocked design; I am too short and too pear-shaped. But if I did any color blocking, this outfit is how I would go. Of course I would modify the fit of the pants, as I am not six feet tall.
(Photo from Akris) Yesterday I wore my black and colorful print dress to the meeting of my local ASG guild and got some good comments on it. I am nearly finished with version #4, the white with huge red/pink roses. And I still haven't hemmed version #3, with only 8 days until I pack them both up. But today I just don't feel like sewing, so I won't. Two and a half hours of tennis in the upper 80's, followed by a big lunch with the girls, does it for me for the day.


KC said...

I seriously doubt that the woman in the picture could tolerate 2.5 hours of tennis in any weather--go you!
Thanks for coming by my blog. :)

KC said...
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