Friday, August 3, 2012


As a devotee of SureFit Designs patterns, I am under the illusion that I don't buy many patterns. Ha! While I'm sure I don't buy as many as some I seem to keep the internet busy. After seeing this post and a sale from Vogue, I not only ordered the cowl neck top pattern but a couple of others.
I have a stash of pretty silks but will make a muslin first. I doubt it will be as pretty on me as it is on "Goodbye Valentino"---what a pretty lady she is. But it looks like a good basic top to wear under jackets this fall. Then I got crazy. I know I'm late on the vintage bandwagon, but I do like a very full skirt when I dance. So the other two---completion date completely unknown...are two "vintage" Vogues...and finally, what's up on my cutting table. This started life as a Burda, but the top picture is how I keep my patterns once the're traced: in gift card envelopes. But I'm going to start keeping scraps of the fabric in the envelopes, too. Hopefully that will keep me straight on which pattern I used for what dress. I'm beginning to get a lot of dresses for dancing!

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